Sunday Recap: 25 players headed to Moneymaker land-based tour

If you were looking for big scores and big poker vacations, then this past weekend was made for you. Not only did we have monster prize pools, but we awarded 25 packages to Chris Moneymaker’s land-based tour!

Keep reading for more info in our October 8th Sunday Recap.

Moneymaker Tour Satellite

We held our 25-package GTD Moneymaker Tour Satellite yesterday via our Beast Tournament ($95 buy-in). There were 557 total entrants, which meant we awarded 25 packages ($2,500 value each). Players now get to choose among the next three locations of ACR Pro Chris Moneymaker’s land-based U.S. tour.

$500,000 GTD Sunday High Roller

1,102 entrants took part in Sunday’s $500K GTD High Roller tourney. When it was over, the final prize pool hit a big $661,200 in this $630 buy-in event, which had 136 paid places. The top three:

  1. gillobono -> $128,346
  2. Im_Just_a_Nit -> $93,501
  3. mieux -> $68,256

$200,000 GTD Sunday Special 

With 1,105 total entries, the Sunday Special beat the $200K guarantee once again. 136 players got paid in this $215 buy-in event, which had a final prize pool of $221,000.  The top three:

  1. McWin -> $42,899
  2. Subatu199 -> $31,252
  3. rmft15x -> $22,814

$300,000 GTD Warm Up

Our $300,000 GTD Warm Up tourney also got into the action yesterday with 3,137 total entries. That resulted in a $313,700 final prize pool in this affordable $109 buy-in event. Congrats to the 383 players who cashed. The top 3:

  1. comunde4 -> $49,064
  2. YeAhManAlright -> $35,628
  3. blackmamba85 -> $26,008